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Process Documentation. How to choose the right software?

One of the questions when documenting processes in an organization is to determine the software to support and facilitate this task, since process modeling is basic to manage and support the procedures of an organization and to be more clear about what, how , the when and why of a process. Although there are currently many options on the market that promise to put order in the management of your processes, it is important that you take into account the following points when choosing:

Follow up of actions When a task has not been performed or worse has not yet been identified and is hindering the flow, it must be addressed as soon as possible, so an intelligent process management software must have a follow-up of actions, in order to identify the problem , determine the tasks to be carried out, assign the person in charge, as well as the completion times.

Risk analysis For a process to be efficient, the part of risk analysis and critical situations must be considered, so a process management software must evaluate the risks in terms of: quality, safety, environment, among others and provide a structured method of graphical risk analysis that allows you to determine when and how to act in the event of a critical event.

Audit management Every process faces a series of decisions to become more efficient, therefore an ideal process management software must have the audit management tool; This allows you to identify the status of each task, document it and assign the person responsible for attending to said task, so the process will improve and be more efficient and intelligent every day. By managing the processes in your organization, it will be easier to achieve their efficiency and align them more to the achievement of your goals. For more information, you can contact ZAHZE, where they can support you with their experience to document, analyze and optimize your processes.

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