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How to save up on paper until to 90% and reduce process times

In Mexico and in much of Latin America, attempts have been made to regulate the use of paper in private and government offices, however it seems that human beings are reluctant to eliminate it for some unknown reason. We know that paper limits the productivity of companies, however both this data and many others reflect that companies are still unaware of the benefits of good document management and also an optimal printing policy. There are different reasons behind this fact and they range from mistrust in the tools, the belief that they are very expensive or even the ignorance that they exist.

Eliminating the use of paper in offices in addition to improving processes, increasing productivity and ensuring respect for the environment means a reduction in many cases of 90%, if we follow, at least, the process of issuing invoices, orders for purchase and contract management, in addition, on average a company spends a total of two hours working with documents, each employee using an average of 10,000 sheets of paper per year. For this reason, using solutions and tools that improve both the access, as well as the manipulation and localization of information is a giant step towards achieving a paper-free office and therefore, a more efficient work environment. Let's not forget that everything that surrounds paper is closely related to routine and unproductive tasks. Therefore, betting on automation in management and handling always results in the agility of business processes.

The important thing is to curb those mountains of paper that accumulate on the work tables. To do this, you must also bet on a good classification of the information and this is not possible without the digitization of your documents, which will generate notable improvements in access, saving space and greater conservation and security. In addition, it is essential to have knowledge of the tools for managing contracts and documents, purchase orders and electronic invoicing on the market that help reduce the use of paper, guaranteeing correct administration of digital documents, along with all the measures. necessary security. Remember that a paperless office always results in more productive organizations. At ZZAS we can help our Suppliers Portal and Contract and Document Management, You can generate savings in the use of paper until to 90% and collaborate remotely with any matter in the Office, let us will gladly provide counsel by clicking here.

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