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Between being a mother and the home office. How to support your collaborators?

At present, working mothers with young children are the ones who are suffering the most from combining motherhood with the home office, because while they comply with work activities, they also attend to domestic activities, care for and support children in their school programs, this according to a report from the Institute for Fiscal Studies in the UK. According to this report, mothers can work for just one hour without interruption, while fathers can work for three hours at a time. "Mothers, in general, take more care of their children and do more housework than fathers, even though they both have the same type of job," explained Lucy Kfraftman, one of the authors of the study carried out with 3,500 families. In Mexico, we are not far from that reality, since much of the care and responsibility is in charge of the mothers, making it much more difficult to do other activities, including those related to work, which significantly affects stress levels in the homes.

With this outlook, it is of vital importance that companies provide facilities to their collaborating mothers so that they can maintain their sources of employment avoiding impacts on their personal lives, in this sense, in addition to programs that seek to provide well-being to their collaborators, it is important highlight the importance of accelerating the digital transformation in companies to automate their processes as soon as possible, to increase the quality of life of their employees without impacting the productivity and profitability of the business. Therefore, here we propose some initiatives that you can implement:

1. Limit the start, lunch and end times of work in a general way in the company to carry out remote work while respecting working hours, as it is important to give employees space to maintain a balance between work and family. 2. It promotes an atmosphere of solidarity and empathy in the teams, since many collaborators are also mothers and fathers of families who take care of their children in parallel with working hours and there are even those who also have a family member in their care. 3. Spend time planning workloads within teams to support mothers and fathers in general. 4. Implement tools that allow your collaborators, clients and suppliers to give continuity to the operation through remote work in an agile and automated way.

For the last point, we can support you in the implementation of software solutions that allow you to operate in an agile way with an accessible monthly investment to manage: contracts, per diem expenses, petty cash, suppliers, purchases, receipt and payment of invoices. Contact us and get a demo tailored to your needs for free.

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