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Suppliers portal

With this application you can eliminate tax risk and data integration efforts by having control remotely and in the same place as:

  • The operation and consultation of the information of your suppliers.

  • Purchase orders.


And upload your invoice and eliminate the capture.


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Manage suppliers

Purchase orders

Receive invoices

Pay suppliers

Account policy



The probability of fraud when tracking your operation.

The time and effort in capturing information.

The time of payments scheduling and invoices review.

Calls from suppliers to track their payments.


Software as a Service for agile implementation and integration with your ERP, which is included in the monthly payment: infrastructure costs, support and updates.

Improve process profitability by simplifying it, delegating tasks to the supplier, distributing workloads among your collaborators and configuring the approval flow.

Collaborate remotely from anywhere.

Eliminate the capture of tax receipts since we extract data directly from the PDF file.

Plans and Pricing

Encuentra el plan que mejor se adapte a tus necesidades

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