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One year operating after Covid-19

After a year of confinement in Mexico and with the current panorama, where companies have already adapted their operations to new practices that limit the spread of COVID, it is important to highlight that the digital transformation has accelerated in companies in our country and the world, in order to keep employees safe while continuing to provide customers with new opportunities and benefits even in a pandemic. These days it is vitally important as a company to provide the following facilities to employees so that they can maintain their sources of employment avoiding the risk of contagion: 1. Ease of remote work respecting working hours, since for the moment and at least until the majority of the population has no vaccine, it will be difficult to return in person to the offices and it is important to give employees space to maintain the balance between work and family. 2. Provide tools that allow remote work: video teleconferencing platforms, administrative collaboratives and those that carry the operation of the core of the business. It is of the utmost importance that companies continue to invest in platforms that allow their collaborators, clients and suppliers to provide continuity and automate the operation to safeguard the economy and health.

3. As the #Forbes magazine mentions, it is important to promote solidarity in teams, since the covid is testing not only health and the economy, but also the family, it is important to see that many employees are parents at the same time. caring for your children who are taking classes at home in parallel with work hours or who may also be in the care of a sick family member; For this reason, it is important to dedicate time as a company to reconfigure the workloads within the teams, not seeing it as a biased support only for women, rather in general for men and women because they are both who today are caring for their children together. We are already operating in the new normal and it is important that the actions carried out by each company lead us to make our new normal more inclusive, humane, supportive, empathetic, healthy and profitable.

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